After Placement

Only students who have signed and submitted the Student Commitment Form (Taahhütname) will be nominated to their host institutions by the Office of International Relations.

To cancel your application after submitting the Student Commitment Form, you must submit a formal petition to the Office of International Relations.

Only students who have signed and submitted the Student Commitment Form [Taahhütname] will be nominated to host institutions by our Office. To cancel your application after submitting the Student Commitment Form, you need to bring a petition to the office.

1. The host institution will send you an email with confirmation of your nomination
The university to which you have been nominated will send you an email stating the date of the deadline for application and explaining what documents are required.

Questions? Write to the Study Abroad Office at the host institution  with any questions  about application procedures, the deadline, or about the university in general.

2. Prepare your documents
Requirements can vary between universities, so please make sure that you have the full list of documents required by the partner university to which you are applying.

Documents typically required for application to study abroad programs.

  • Letter of recommendation
    The letter of recommendation should be from a professor or other faculty member.
  • An official copy of your transcripts.
    You can order an official copy of your transcripts through your student account on the ÖBIKAS system.
  • Photocopy of your passport
    If you do not have a passport, you can apply for one at the Istanbul Pasaport Şübe Müdürlüğü.
    As a student you qualify for a passport fee exemption. Please make an appointment with Tuna Comak in the Office of International Relations to arrange for a letter to take with you to the Pasaport Şübe Müdürlüğü as proof of your student status.
  • Statement of Purpose

3. Submit the Application to the host institution before the application deadline.

  • Make sure that you include any supplementary documents that are required by your host institution.
  • We strongly advise you to send your documents as attachments via e-mail before sending them through surface mail (if required), just to make sure they receive your application in time.
4. Receive Your Letter of Acceptance
Expect to receive your Letter of Acceptance (Kabul Mektubu) from your host institution no later than two months prior to your departure date. On many occasions, the acceptance letters are first received by our Office and then forwarded to students. If you receive your letter of acceptance directly, please bring a copy of it to the Office.

5. Apply for Visa
The country to which you are traveling may require a visa for entrance.

  • Learn the requirements of the visa application for that country. Check the web site of its consulate. Note that only the consulates can provide correct information about the visa procedures; our office is neither authorized to nor capable of overseeing your visa applications.
  • Consulates often require a Letter of Acceptance (signed and stamped) and a letter proving your financial capacity.