BOUN e-mail account

Students need a BOUN e-mail account to access the Internet in the Superdorm, and any of the Moodles for your classes.

To get an e-mail address, go to the Computer Center, Boğaziçi İşlem Merkezi, known as "BIM," which is located on the South Campus.

Directions to the Computer Center from the Office of International Relations
If you are leaving from our Office, go out to the main area. To the right, on the hill, is the big Social Sciences building. Go up the stairs on the left, which will lead you to a parking lot. On the right you will see Garanti Bankası (just for reference)-- on the left is just one building: The Computer Center. Go in the front door and ask at the secretary's office for an e-mail address. (Just say "e-mail adres.")

Accessing your BOUN mail account

To access your e-mail, you can go through BIM's web page, on the top right choose "EN" for English", then look to the right side of the page for "E-mail Services." OR Go to the main Boğaziçi Website, on the top right choose English. Scroll down to the bottom, and click on E-mail. On the left you will see where to change or reset your password, plus manuals for use. You will see two ways to enter the system. As far as I can tell, the only difference is that Roundcube seems more modern.