E-learning at American University of Beirut

American University of Beirut will offer a wide variety of classes online in the Spring 2020-2021 semester, which starts on January 21, 2021. A list of the classes offered is available on AUB e-learning page. These classes are open to students who wish to join remotely from around the world. AUB will offer a non-credit option and a credit option.  

Non-credit option:

The tuition fee for the non-credit option is $1,000 per class. In this option, students will receive an AUB transcript, but the credit count is zero and the final grade is Pass/Fail. Students may fill out the online application form for the non-credit option. There is no fee to apply. 

Credit option:

Each 3-credit class at the undergraduate level costs around $2,200. In this option, students receive an AUB transcript that indicates their final grade, which they may use to transfer their credits to other universities. Students may fill out the online application form for Visiting or Non-Degree students to apply for the credit option. There is a $50 application fee.

AUB will offer online classes in the following fields:

  • Arabic Language & Culture (Modern Standard Arabic)
  • Lebanese Colloquial Arabic
  • Philosophy
  • Media Studies and Communication
  • Political Studies & Public Administration
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Sociology & Anthropology

For more information about online classes, please check AUB e-learning page.

Don’t hesitate to email cames@aub.edu.lb if you have any questions!