HES (Hayat Evde Sığar) Code number: What is it and how to get yours


HES (Hayat Evde Sığar) CODE NUMBER

The Turkish government has announced that all individuals traveling on intercity public transportation (planes, trains buses) and who are visiting state offices and an increasing number of businesses must have a HES Code (HES kodu). The HES code is an identification number that helps the government in its efforts to track COVID-19 cases and warn people that they have been exposed to the virus so that they may quarantine themselves or seek medical advice.

During the early days of the COVID-19 crisis last Spring, the Turkish Ministry of Health introduced the Hayat Eve Sığar (Life Fits Home) cell phone application (available free for iOS and Android) as part of its strategy to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. With the HES app, it is possible to view the COVID-19 risk level of your area and throughout the nation, register and view your HES code, among other features.

You can carry the code in your HES cell phone app or keep it with you and provide it when asked. You will need to show it when booking your travel tickets and at the entrance to some business and venues. People at risk will not be able to enter those places and if someone is later diagnosed with COVID-19, you will receive notice via the mobile app.



Each HES code is specially produced for you. The control and management of the HES code is entirely in your hands. You can create and delete different codes that are unknown to anyone, unique to each share, instead of an unchanging number such as the TR ID Number. In this way, you do not have to share personal data such as an identity number with anyone else. You can set time limits on your HES codes, so you can control when it is shared and you can get another one is you lose yours. 



You will have your foreign ID number when you get your residence permit card. Until then, you must still obtain a HES Code to use when you go to a mall or a restaurant and to use for public transportation. The method to get your HES code before you have your foreign ID number is:

  • Persons who do not have a Turkish Republic or foreign identification number starting with 97, 98, 99: Type HES, your nationality, passport serial number, year of birth, and last name. Leave a space between each item. Send an SMS to 2023.


The easiest ways to ways to get a HES code number are through the app or through the e-Devlet portal for online government services.  It is also possible to apply via SMS, but it is much more complicated.

1. Hayat Eve Sığar Mobile Application (IOS and Android).

When you download the app to your phone, you have to provide you foreign ID number to activate it. Turning on location services allows the app to see where you are and generate a COVID case map for your neighborhood and the larger areas. Within the app, you can apply for a HES number.

  2. through the  online governmental operatıons portal, e-Devlet

E-Devlet is a website within the https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/hizmetler main site that provides access to public services through a single portal. In order to access electronic services, you need to login in to the system with your foreigner identification number( stated on the student residence permit card) and your password.

How to get an e-Devlet password

The password (şifre) that is required to enter the online system can be obtained from the PTT (post office) in person by presenting an identity card including a foreigner identification number (passport & residence permit card). The PTT charges 2 TL as a transaction cost. Internationals cannot benefit from the password renewal service in person at a PTT. You should be able to renew the password through account at your Turkish bank through your account on the bank’s online system.