The HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) 2018


The HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) allows students from their partner institutions to study at HKUST during their summer term as exchange students. Last year, HKUST welcomed over 250 exchange students from their partner institutions.

HKUST International Summer Exchange Program 2018 will take place over HKUST’s summer term from 19 June to 13 August 2018.



The same as regular term exchange, summer exchange courses are offered by HKUST’s Schools/Office.

  • School of Science
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Business and Management
  • School of Humanities and Social Science
  • Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Course offering in Summer Term will vary from year to year. Tentative course list for ISP 2018 will be available in December. At the moment, please take reference from the following:



HKUST will produce transcripts detailing the courses taken and the grades obtained. The transcripts will be mailed to you and your home institution. HKUST uses a 4.3 grading scale, with letter grades, with Grade D being a marginal pass. Please visit here for details. Credit transfers are approved by students’ home institutions. You should check with your home institution on its policy regarding the transfer of grades and credits.


The HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) accepts applications from undergraduate students who are nominated by HKUST’s exchange partners as an exchange student* . If you are interested, please inquire and apply through the study abroad office at your home institution. Applications are normally invited from November to March each year.

* The supported student must satisfy the conditions or terms as outlined in the exchange agreement between the student’s home institution and HKUST. Students should check with their home institution whether they are eligible to participate in ISP as an exchange student.


On-campus accommodation is compulsory for ISP students. You will be assigned to a double or triple room in a student hall on campus for the program duration. For more information, please visit here.

Residential period for ISP 2018: 14 June to 13 August 2018, both nights inclusive


  • HKUST offers tuition fee waiver to 6 Bogazici University students.
    • Pease note if there be more than 6 applicants, there will be a selection process.


ISP 2018

HKD Approx. in USD
(1 USD=7.7 HKD)
Approx. in EUR
(1 EUR=9 HKD)

On-campus accommodation fee, student visa application and handling feeand HKUST compulsory travel insurance fee

7,650 ~990 ~850
Optional tours 300-1,000 each ~40-130 each ~35-110 each

# not applicable to students who do not require a student visa to study in Hong Kong


  • Students interested in the program are requested to submit their application documents to the Office by 9 February 2018 in order to be nominated for the HKUST ISP. Unless you are nominated, your application to the HKUST ISP will not be processed.
  • Nomination documents involve following:
    • A statement of purpose
    • Current transcript (graduate students should submit their undergraduate transcripts as well)
    • Curriculum Vitae
  • Students are expected to complete their online application to HKUST by 5 March 2018.


Application: November 2017 to March 2018

  • Submit your online application to HKUST

Offer acceptance and visa application: March 2018

  • Receive your exchange offer from HKUST
  • Submit your student visa application

Course enrollment: April to June 2018

  • View tentative course schedule
  • Pre-enroll courses
  • Add/Drop courses through HKUST Student Information System (SIS)

Pre-arrival preparation: May to early June 2018

  • Receive your student visa (to be sent by HKUST via courier)
  • Read the instructions on validating your student visa
  • Sign up for program activities
  • Review information about arrival at HKUST

Program period: Mid-June to mid-August 2018 

  • Student hall check-in
  • Orientation and student registration ***
  • First day of Summer Term
  • Welcome reception
  • Cultural workshops
  • Self-paid optional local and cultural tours
  • Farewell reception
  • Last day of Summer Term
  • Student hall check-out

*** ISP 2018 students must get registered at HKUST by 29 June 2018.