National University of Singapore (NTU) Summer Sesion

Dear Students, 

We are pleased to announce a GEM Trailblazer Summer Programmes 2017, which will present expanded study abroad opportunities for your students at the Nanyang Technological University during the summer term, 8 May to 28 July 2017.

GEM Trailblazer Summer Programmes are open to all students currently studying in NTU's partner institutions like Bogazici University. They welcome students to join some of our brightest minds and talents from around the world for a challenging and enriching summer.

Five tracks consisting of accredited courses for credit transfer are open for student applications:

Track 1: Chinese Language & Cultural Studies (6 Academic Units)

This course aims to equip students with basic Chinese language skills and introduce students to China’s 5,000-year-old history and culture through lectures, hands-on experiences and cultural visits. Besides learning 260 Chinese characters and 300 common-used sentences, experiential cultural visits, Chinese Calligraphy lessons and Chinese pun rebuses are some of the activities not to be missed.


Track 2: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Asia (3 Academic Units each course)

This track focuses on building entrepreneurship competencies and the challenges of setting up new ventures. Available through two courses, students will learn about entrepreneurship, creativity, writing business plans, business accounting, intellectual property, marketing strategy, risk evaluation, financial projection, securing finances and managing team members.


Track 3: Creative Design and Media (3 Academic Units each course)

Students can select any courses in this series of 15 attractive courses. Through this series on animation, design, drawing, poetry, prose and film, students can explore and develop their own voice through creative writing; acquire knowledge of the rapid changing digital media industry in Asia; and broaden their global perspectives in design skills through insights into Asian cultures and heritage. Want to be the next William Wordsworth; Paul Yates; Shakespeare or Quentin Tarantino? Do encourage your students to join us. They shall learn how to re-create and tell their own journeys through writing, editing and new media production tasks.


Track 4: Success in the Globalised Marketplace (3 or 4 Academic Units each course)

In the context of a knowledge economy and the dynamism of the global business environment, it is important for students to develop a critical understanding of the skillsets required for the corporate world. The comprehensive offering of 9 interesting courses includes leadership; cultural intelligence; marketing; business finance; accounting; management to cultural studies. The uniqueness of these courses lies in their Asian relevance and practicality in application.


Track 5: New Technologies., New World (3 Academic Units each course)

Conducted by the world’s most cited and published Professor, Dr Chua Chee Kai, Executive Director of the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing in NTU, this course introduces the world of 3D Printing and bioprinting and their applications in the real world.  Students opting for the Introduction to Energy course would get a glimpse into the energy resources that power our world, and the challenges that revolve around using conserving, and sustaining them.


You may choose to take up to two courses depending on their preferred time schedule. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Participation, and an academic transcript to facilitate credit transfer.

For Application: please refer to International Office and deliver the following documents by March 20, 2017 Monday:

  • Statement of Purpose (in English)
  • Official transcript 
  • Curriculum Vitae

After you document submission to our office, you will need to apply for the program personally by 5 April 2017

For more information, please visit NTU's official website

To contact NTU officials for further details, please email to