Offered Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry, History, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Sociology,Turkish Language and Literature, Western Languages and Literatures, Linguistics

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Economics, Management, Political Science and International Relations

Faculty of Education

Primary School Education, Educational Sciences: Undergraduate Program in Guidance and Psychological Counseling,Foreign Language Education, Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education, Computer Education and Educational Technology.

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

School of Applied Disciplines

International Trade, Tourism Administration, Management Information Systems


Graduate Programs

The Atatürk Institute for Modern Turkish History

History of Modern Turkey (M.A., Ph.D)

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Electronics (M.S., Ph.D), Biomechanics and Biocybernetics (M.S., Ph.D.), Prosthetics and Artificial Organs (M.S., Ph.D)

The Institute of Environmental Sciences

Environmental Technology (M.S., Ph.D.), Environmental Sciences (M.S., Ph.D)

The Institute for Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering

Chemical Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Chemistry (M.S., Ph.D.), Civil Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Computer Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Engineering and Technology Management (M.S.), Industrial Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Mathematics (M.S., Ph.D.), Mechanical Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Molecular Biology and Genetics (M.S., Ph.D.), Physics (M.S., Ph.D.),

Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences

Economics (M.A., Ph.D.), Educational Sciences (M.A., Ph.D.), Foreign Language Education (M.A., Ph.D.), History (M.A.), Management (MBA., Ph.D.), Philosophy (M.A., Ph.D.), Political Science and International Relations (M.A., Ph.D.), Turkish Language and Literature (M.A., Ph.D.), English Literature (M.A., Ph.D.), Linguistics (M.A., Ph.D.), Translation and Interpreting:Translation (M.A),Translation Studies (Ph.D.)

The Kandilli Observatory Earthquake and Research Institute

Earthquake Engineering (M.S., Ph.D.), Geodesy (M.S., Ph.D.), Geophysics (M.S., Ph.D.)

The MA/MS programs below are closed for Exchange students’ applications:

Automotive Engineering* (MS), Construction Engineering and Management* (M.S.), Engineering and Technology Management* (M.S.), Financial Engineering* (M.S.), Fuel and Energy Technologies MS Program*Mechatronics Engineering* (M.S.) Medical Systems and Informatics* (M.S.) Software Engineering Program* (M.S.) Asian Studies* (M.A.), Business Information Systems* (M.A.), Economics and Finance* (M.A.) Executive M.B.A*