Erasmus+ Partners

Please note that some agreements are subject specific and you should consult the detailed list for subject areas.

University Country Web Site
University of Warwick U.K.
Bournemouth University U.K.
Coventry University U.K.
Durham University U.K.
Reading University U.K.
University College London U.K.
Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen U.K.
The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) U.K.
The University of Manchester U.K.
University of Birmingham U.K.
University of Edinburgh U.K.
King's College London U.K.
Kingston University U.K.
University of Kent U.K.
University of London, Institute of Education U.K.
University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) U.K.
University of St. Gallen SWITZERLAND
University of Fribourg SWITZERLAND
Universitat Zurich SWITZERLAND
Universitat Basel SWITZERLAND
Malardalen University SWEDEN
Mittuniversitet SWEDEN
Göteborgs Universitet SWEDEN
Uppsala Universitet SWEDEN
Umea Universitet SWEDEN
Stockholms Universitet SWEDEN
KTH-Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan SWEDEN
Universidad de Valencia SPAIN
Universidad de Valladolid SPAIN
Universidad de Vigo SPAIN
Universidad de Zaragoza SPAIN
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid SPAIN
Universidad Pompeu Fabra SPAIN
Universidad Rovira i Virgili SPAIN
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid SPAIN hhtp://
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid SPAIN
Universidad Complutense de Madrid SPAIN
Universidad de Barcelona SPAIN
Universidad de Granada SPAIN
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona SPAIN
Universidad de Huelva SPAIN
Universidad de Lleida SPAIN
Universidad de Sevilla SPAIN
Univerza na Primorskem SLOVENIA
Univerza v Ljubljani SLOVENIA
Univerza v Mariboru SLOVENIA
Univerzita sv. Cyrilla a Metoda v Trnave SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Babeş-Bolyai University ROMANIA
Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov ROMANIA
University of Porto PORTUGAL