Global Exchange Partners

Please note that some agreements are subject specific and you should consult the detailed list for subject areas.

University Country Web Site
Drexel University U.S.A
Emory University U.S.A
St. Olaf College U.S.A
George Washington University U.S.A
Syracuse University U.S.A
Georgia Institute of Technology U.S.A
Georgia State University U.S.A
The State University of New York at Geneseo U.S.A
GWU Elliot School of International Affairs U.S.A
Hiram College U.S.A
University of California U.S.A
University of Maryland U.S.A
University of Texas at Austin U.S.A
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill U.S.A
University of Oklahoma U.S.A
Indiana University U.S.A
University of Washington U.S.A
Kansas State University U.S.A
University of Wisconsin-Madison U.S.A
Louisiana State University U.S.A
Washington College U.S.A
Washington University in St. Louis U.S.A
Michigan State University U.S.A
Western Michigan University U.S.A
Westfield State University U.S.A
Baylor University U.S.A
North Carolina State University U.S.A
Binghamton University - SUNY U.S.A
Boston College U.S.A
Purdue University U.S.A
Boston University U.S.A
Reed College U.S.A
Columbia University U.S.A
Rice University U.S.A
Middle East Technical University TURKEY
Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva SWITZERLAND
IES- University of Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) SINGAPORE
National University of Singapore SINGAPORE
American University of Beirut LEBANON
Sogang University KOREA
Hanyang University KOREA
Keimyung University KOREA
Yonsei University School of Business KOREA
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University KAZAKHSTAN
Shimonoseki City University JAPAN
Tokyo Institute of Technology JAPAN
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies JAPAN
University of Shizuoka JAPAN
University of Tsukuba JAPAN