The Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is located on the South Campus of Boğaziçi University.

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How to Get a Student Certificate Document

The Student Certification Document (öğrenci belgesi) must be ordered online from the Registrar's Office, after you have registered as a student. The document will be ready for you the following day, usually 24 hours later.You have to pick it up in person because this document has an official stamp and signature to make it official.

1. Log on to the Boğaziçi University Registration page,
2. Click on "Students"
3. Student information Page
4. Enter your Student ID number and your password
5. Main screen comes up
6. Choose "request document"
7. Choose the option on the far right, "Student Document"
8. Indicate how many you would like
9. Click on "go" to complete the procedure


How to Get a Student Confirmation of Study Document

To obtain a Student Confirmation Document, you must go to Registrar's office in person and fill out a Document Request Form (Belge İstek Formu).

Here is a translation of the form:

BELGE İSTEK FORMU (Document Request Form)

No fee is required from exchange and Erasmus students.

Öğrenci No. (Student Number)
Adı Soyadı (Name and surname)
Baba Adı (Father's name)
Doğum Yeri ve Yıl (Place of Birth and date)
Uyruğu (Citizenship)

Fakültesi (Faculty or institute with which you are registered)
Bölümü - Sınıf (Department)
Mez. Tarihi, Mez. Derecesi (about graduation, not necessary)
İstek (Request): Here you must write: İkamet Belgesi (Residence Document)
Imza: Signature
Tarih: Date