Research Visit to the George Washington University

Full time faculty members of Boğaziçi University can apply for a research visit (one to three months) at our academic partner the George Washington University.

Both universities will host one or two scholars from each other every academic year. 

The visit of each scholar will be supported by a grant (up to $10,000) depending on availability of funds that year. The grant amount is a partial support for all expenses including accommodation. It is possible to plan this visit as (part of) a sabbatical leave. 

The application period for visits to be held during the 2017-2018 academic year is now open. Application package should include:

  • A cover letter including the dates of the proposed visit and the desired GWU departmental affiliation,
  • A research statement describing the work to be conducted at GWU, names of GWU faculty members to collaborate or to meet,
  • A letter from the chair of your department/institute/school supporting the application,
  • Curriculum Vita with a list of publications.

Application package should be sent to by March 24, 2017, Friday 5 pm.

All applications will be jointly processed by Boğaziçi University and the GWU before announcing the award. Priority will be given to those visits that can foster joint research projects between the two institutions and to those with well supported joint research proposals.