Only students and staff are allowed to enter the campus. They must show photo ID cards, pass through a metal detector, and put their bags through an x-ray machine like at the airport. Cars must have BU parking stickers. Only academic staff are allowed to park near the buildings; students and guests park up on the top of the hill. When taxis enter, the passengers must show their ID and random checks are made of the trunks of the cars.


Visitors to the university must have an appointment and must leave photo ID at the gate. Visitors must leave the campus before midnight.

The Dormitories

All visitors must sign in and leave a photo ID. No alcohol is allowed, and no overnight guests. Entrance to the dorms is through a big gate with a guard. All visitors must stop and identify themselves.

Campus culture

There is no alcohol on campus, and no social organizations like the Greek system in the US. Boğaziçi has a sexual harassment unit, called CITOK, that also addresses LGBT issues. Boğaziçi opened its first non-gender specific restrooms this year.

There rarely is any unrest on campus. To become a student at Boğaziçi University as a Turkish citizen, you must be in the top 1500 of more than two million people who sit the university entrance exam each year. It is brutally competitive. While students are naturally interested in politics and do hold some meetings and hang posters around campus in specified areas,  protests are rare.