Selection & Placement

To apply, please submit the following documents to the Office of International Relations:

  • Application Form
  • Student Information Form
  • Transcript
  • Acceptance Letter
  • YADYOK Language Document
  • Recommendation Letter (If you have a compulsory traineeship in your department, your advisor must confirm this in the recommendation letter.)

    Application Evaluation

    The applications are evaluated by our committee based on the quotas and regulations approved by the ÜYK.

    The applications are ordered according to the Erasmus Traineeship Points (ETP) calculated as follows:

    ETP = M*(AP+LP)-10*(prior Erasmus participations) where M = 1 for mandatory/Comenius traineeships and M = 0.9 for all others, academic points AP = 12.5*GPA, language points LP = 50, 48 or 46, depending on the BÜEPT Proficiency grade.


      The amount of available funding and the minimum requirements are subject to change.

      • Please note that funding is NOT GUARANTEED and is contingent on the funds to be provided by the National Agency. 
      • Download a copy of the decision passed by the University General Board of Directors regarding the financing of Erasmus+ Mobility here.
      • Please consult the online National Agency guide for the rules and regulations of the application term.